Oct 20, 2019
An expedition to the highest peak in Slovenia

If we can even call it a trip, it was quite spontaneous. A group of friends called me and asked if I would like to join them on a trip to Triglav. The answer could only be one.

A few days later, I packed my backpack and prepared the car, getting ready for the upcoming adventure. We agreed to leave on Friday night from Warsaw, so that we could set off on the mountain trail on Saturday morning. Although I didn't get enough sleep during the overnight drive, the excitement of the adventure gave me endless amounts of energy. It was a truly crazy team!

On Saturday morning at 6:00 am, we hit the trail just in time for the sunrise. After repacking our gear and changing clothes, we were ready to embark on our adventure. The trail started off monotonous, but we quickly gained altitude. Before long, we arrived at the shelter where we planned to spend the night, only to find that it appeared to be closed. After checking several doors and handles, we realized that we had a problem. However, we refused to give up and continued to search until we finally found an open door. We were greeted by friendly Slovenian staff, and to our surprise, we were the only tourists on the property.

At noon, we enjoyed a warm meal, as more tourists from Spain arrived. It was not surprising to see international teams, considering that the mountain is the highest in the country.

We set off early in the morning for the summit the next day, with my favorite way to climb the trail - via ferrata.

Despite the rainy conditions, we managed to reach the summit in just 2 hours from the shelter.

After enjoying the magnificent views from the top, we started our descent along the same route we had taken to ascend.

After descending to the car, we decided to make a stop at Lake Bled. After indulging in a warm and satisfying meal, we hit the road back to Warsaw, feeling rejuvenated. We arrived early on Sunday morning, exhausted but satisfied. This was the type of weekend that will remain etched in my memory forever.

What are the conditions like on the webcam now?

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