Maja e Korabit

Aug 25, 2023
An expedition to the highest peak in Albania

It seems like there's no middle ground here – you either love it or hate it. This country, with its complicated history, still has some lessons to learn. Far from civilization, we set our sights on the heart of the land. The rocks around here are the real deal, no doubt about it.

We arrived in the town of Radomirë, our starting point for the hike, after coming from the incredibly charming Lahuta e Vjetër in the village of Gjonëm. Shoutout to the hosts of that place. Their hospitality and accommodations deserve top marks.

Albania is a long drive, and you'll spend many hours on the roads reminiscent of our Wielkopolska region. After navigating a thousand turns, we finally reach our planned starting point. It's an unassuming town where fancy cars contrast with the local modesty. Yes, in my eyes, Albania is a country of contrasts. We parked by one of the guesthouses. There's no sign of a parking lot or trailhead description, which hints at the low popularity of this activity in the region. A quick calibration of the Garmin, and we're ready to hit the trail.

The initial kilometers are a series of pastures, shepherd's huts, and grazed animals.

We started around 11:00 AM from an elevation of 1300m, and from 2000m onwards, the trails began to fade, making navigation more challenging. The vistas of the Dinaric Alps, especially those within the Korab massif, in my opinion, rank among the best.

We solo-hike to the main ridge of the Korab range after five hours and twelve kilometers, reaching an elevation of 2764 meters – absolutely perfect.

At this point, civilization is nowhere to be found. We'll enjoy a warm lunch with views better than the finest restaurants, take a moment to rest and prepare for the descent.

We descend down the southern slopes, which are shorter but steeper in return.

And at this point, we conclude our August adventure through the Balkans in 2023.

A short video below