Mar 9, 2024
Winter hiking on Koscielec in Poland

A long-awaited winter trip to the Tatra Mountains. Due to a very busy beginning of the year we finally manage to go to the mountains in April.

The day before my uncle and aunt were on Rysy so there were concerns about the snow conditions on the slopes. Due to the warm air, the snow became heavy and wet. However, after analyzing the situation, we decided to take on the northeastern slopes to avoid avalanches.

We started from Kuźnice, went through the Gasienicowa Valley to the Black Gasienicowy Pond. There taking winter gear in hand we crossed the frozen pond. We began the ascent and climb to the top.

The climb was difficult due to the snow sinking in. However, the tracks left by ski-touring skiers allowed us to speed up the pace a bit. After several hours of climbing through the ravine, we reached the base of the summit.

Unfortunately, we were not able to reach the hightest peak due to the lack of proper safety measures. I decided not to take the risk, but I will definitely come back here again!

What are the conditions like on the webcam now?
View of the Granaty
View of the Swinica
Check out my video from the trip

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