Sep 13, 2019
An expedition to the highest peak in Germany

The idea for climbing Zugspitze was inspired by stories from my friends. This tallest peak in Germany has an undeniable allure, with its numerous climbing routes, stunning vistas, and accessibility to all. It is a highly sought-after destination, and so we set out from Warsaw, aiming for the town of Grainau near Ga-Pa.

We arrived at the parking lot around 6:00 am and spent two hours getting ready for our adventure - changing clothes, repacking our backpacks, and making sure we had all the necessary gear. After a satisfying breakfast, we set off from the starting point at an altitude of about 760m. The first leg of the hike was relatively easy, covering less than 3km until we reached a shelter on the Klammweg path at an elevation of 1100m. From this point on, the path became more challenging as we ascended via ferrata towards the Hell Valley and the Hollentalferner glacier at 2400m. The coolness of the glacier was a welcome relief after hours of climbing in the heat, like suddenly turning on an air conditioner.

The ladder was attached to a heated rock in contact with the glacier, which posed some challenges due to a large fault between the rock and the ice. The depth of the fault was significant, and the chilling ice river flowing beneath it was a formidable sight. Nevertheless, we managed to climb the ladder and begin the via ferrata, which offered stunning views as we progressed. As we climbed higher, the foot space on the clip began to diminish, but we persevered.

The via ferrata climbing wall begins at an altitude of around 2500m and continues all the way to the summit. We arrived a bit before sunset, feeling a wave of exhaustion after the adrenaline rush subsided. The lack of sleep and the tiring approach were further amplified by the awe-inspiring views.

It took us 8 hours and 30 minutes to reach the summit, covering a distance of less than 15km but with a challenging elevation gain of 2400m.

Unfortunately, when we reached the summit, everything was already closed, and we couldn't buy any food or water. We decided to look for tent accommodation and began our descent.

Feeling extremely tired, we decided to spend the night on the floor of the shelter. The following day, we took a different route back to our car. We concluded our adventurous weekend with a refreshing shower at a gas station, followed by a dinner in Ga-Pa. I would love to revisit the Zugspitze someday, but for now, we are already planning our next projects in the Europe's Highest Peaks series.

What are the conditions like on the webcam now?
View of the Zugspitze
View of the peak from the west

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