Aug 21, 2021
An expedition to the highest peak in Austria

The time had come for the Grossglockner, and my motivation had reached its peak. For this expedition, I decided to invite my friend Robert, with whom I had the opportunity to be active in the mountains many times before. The end of August is usually considered a risky time in terms of weather conditions. However, we were fortunate enough to have good weather during our trip. I am confident in my physical and logistical preparation prior to this expedition.

On Friday morning, we departed from Warsaw, aiming to reach Parkplatz Glocknerwinkel by afternoon. We successfully arrived and I took the opportunity to unwind and make some final preparations before starting the climb. After arriving, we checked the current weather conditions and decided on a route variation. Originally, we planned to take two routes, one through the icefall and the other along the eastern wall. However, we ultimately decided on the latter.

Sleeping in the car, we woke up at 2:00 a.m. We maintained an efficient pace and followed our navigation, but unfortunately, the adventure came to an abrupt end.

We reached 3000m at sunrise, my buddy informed me that he was unable to continue due to sickness.

I couldn't leave my mate behind, so we had to turn back to the car. Despite the disappointment, I reminded myself that the mountain will always be there and I will have another opportunity to return.

What are the conditions like on the webcam now?
Peak in close-up

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